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Figure 9. Variation with parity in the incidence of diabetes beginning in women over 45 years of age, England, 1956. Source: Pyke (59).
women over age 35 contributed 22 percent of the births,* but that 38 percent of all maternal deaths occurred in this age group. Not only does mortality increase but obstetrical complications also increase with maternal age, as is shown by his data in Table 13. Unfortunately, it is impossible here to sort out the effects of age versus those of parity. That high parity is at least present in the older women may be deduced from the fact that the number of live births reported by women in various age groups continues to rise in an almost linear fashion among Thai women over 35 years of age, as shown in Figure 10. Furthermore, we have been able to show from our own data (15, 56) the relatively high proportion of deliveries of a higher order of parity. In
*In the United States in 1965 women over 35 contributed less than 12 percent of all dramatic and highly significant statistically, as suggested by Figure 9.